Mood of January 22, 2011 – Remember when (S. Kleinenberg feat. J. Cullum)

Remember when…

When you were a kid and you were “taught” to play within a team. At school. At your preferred sport club. With your boy scouts friends. It sounded like something natural or at least easy and funny. It was great to decide things together and to feel a part of a tribe.

I just wonder why, once we are adults, this team spirit disappears. Pffff… vanished. Just like it never existed. The university and the professional world encourage you to be auto-centric. Almost Selfish. It’s just like if we are brainwashed once we signed our first employment contract. “Après moi, les mouches”.

And after a while… we hace to face the reality : it is impossible to create a sustainable state of happiness without a feeling of beloning to a team, to a tribe. Therefore this feeling has to be taught again. And how hard it seems to be to learn to work in team after 40! Just like if it is considered as a weakness to be a teamplayer.

Hey guys, wake up ! Even if you are a leader managing a business unit, you are also a teamMATE. It’s so… even if you are a part of the management team. A part of a project team.  A part of a .. government.

Sharing info, sharing resources, sharing success are critical to the team success. To every individual’s success. Behaving with your colleagues as you would behave with your friends, your children : with respect, honnesty, empowerment., sense of responsibility. These are fundamentals.  Think to the community’s interest before to your own interest.

Remember when you were a kid and you liked to play with your friends. It was cool, was’n it? Don’t you fancy a new try?

2 thoughts on “Mood of January 22, 2011 – Remember when (S. Kleinenberg feat. J. Cullum)

  1. I can’t agree more with the developped statement. We all (or almost) claim being team players but when time gets tought, tought get’s going.

    Team spirit and attitude is a highly fragile, 360 degree driven context.

    For those having read Gung Ho! (Ken Blanchard’s contribution if my memory doesn’t trump me) it becomes obvious that the real boss are VALUES. It doesn’t suffice to have the words “team work” or any other of it’s component within your values but they must be lived in every decision, action, reflection taken as a team or as unit within a team.


  2. I can follow your point, Seb! Values – or Savoir vivre ensemble – are the most important stuffs to make a team successful (and that’s also what I tried to say at the end of the post).

    My very humble goal was for once to put the focus on the team, not o…n the boss 😉 If the boss is a “weak” one, allowing individualism, sterile wars ans has foot in both camps… (and yes it happens often), the the whole organisation suffers from this situation. That’s why the team has to play a bigger role and make things happen.

    Another statement is that sometimes people forget that they are a part of a team – even if they were good teamplayers during their childhood. They should just remember this feeling…

    Anyway, it was just a bunch of thoughts on a Saturday morning 😉
    Have a super great weekend and thanks for your reaction!

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