Mood of January 19, 2011 – “Yes, we did it” (Dora The explorer)

It sounds like a weird day : physically sick, emotionnally down but intellectually up. At least, there is something working today 😉 And so… here we are…  Miss Philomene’s blog is set up. At last!

Thank you, Isaac (Getz) & Frank (Van Massenhove), for giving me the kick ass which I was waiting for a long long time now.  Thank you, Juliette Boon, for making me laugh. Thank you, my friends for your everlasting support. Thank you, Victor, for being my eternal source of inspiration and helping me to put priorities where they need to be. And thank you, love, for filling in my small and busy life.

Your comments are the most welcome and will keep this blog alive. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

And now,  friends, let’s spread happiness around us 😉

“Come on, vámonos.
Everybody let’s go.
Come on, let’s get to it.
I know that we can do it.”

Miss Philomène, Brussels, 2011/01/19

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