About MissPhilomene and me…

If you wonder who I am, take a look at re.vu/laurence.vanhee or at my LinkedIn Profile 

In a nutshell…
“Spread happiness around you” is my philosophy.
“Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance” is my strategy.

I do not manage resources because we are not resources. We are people.
I do my best to make people happy : happy people are performing better.
That’s the job of a Chief Happiness Officer. And that’s what I did at the Belgian Ministry of Social Security between 2009 and 2013, before creating my own Happy Consulting Firm, Happyformance (www.happyformance.com).

My career is built around the support I give to people, teams and organisations to better perform through agile organizations, advanced workplaces (#nwow), innovative & wise leadership concepts, 2.0 and evidenced based  HR management.

I also share my energy with organizations that want to invest in Happiness at Work. I am a “resultant”, advising as a consultant and achieving results measurable via sustainable KPI’s.

Belgian CHRO of the Year 2012
Author of Happy RH (fr – bit.ly/HappyRH) and Happy HR (nl – bit.ly/HappyHR_nl)

5 thoughts on “About MissPhilomene and me…

  1. Hi there

    I really enjoyed the productivity infographic you posted a while back on your blog: https://missphilomene.com/2012/08/05/2012-stats-for-social-media-at-work-infographic/

    I thought you might be interested in a workplace productivity infographic we just published, it’s titled ‘Hardly Working: a look into laziness in the workplace’, check it out: http://complianceandsafety.com/blog/workplace-productivity-infographic-hardly-working/

    It shows that 39% of 18-24 year olds claimed they would consider quitting their jobs if Facebook was banned.

    If you like it, feel free to publish it on your site.

    Thanks a lot,

    Matthew Pelletier
    Director of Public Relations
    C&S Safety Training Videos

  2. Hi. I like what you are saying. A lot.

    Please let me introduce myself. I’m a communications and branding consultant currently based in the South of France, but frequently in Brussels, Paris and London. I work with a variety of clients, including a workplace design company, an office furniture manufacturer and a PR consultancy specialising in workplace related issues. I also have a fair amount of experience in Employee Communications.

    Between us, we have recently been talking about the challenges facing Europe’s workplaces and that, in these hard times, how we use our offices, behave in them, manage them and design them are integrally linked, fundamental to business effectiveness and all too often overlooked. We believe that if Europe’s business are to survive and prosper this needs to change.

    We state our position simply: We can’t work harder, we can’t work longer, we’d better work better!

    To achieve this simple proposition, we believe that Europe’s businesses need to become more creative in the way in which they use their workplaces and workforces. We believe that new and improved ways of working can make our workplaces happier, healthier, more creative and more productive at the same.

    In this light, we are in the very early stages of discussing the establishment of a Europe-wide group of like-minded individuals to promote this message; to raise awareness of the underdeveloped potential of our office spaces; to encourage business to give greater strategic priority to their workplace development; and to facilitate and support businesses that take this message on board.

    We don’t know if or how this is going to develop in the months to come. But you sound like our kind of person. Would you like to talk?

    (I’ll contact you via Twitter and we can exchange email addresses if you are interested.)

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