Mood of January 26, 2011 – Ivory Tower (Chilly Gonzales)

The more I think about, the more I think we need to get to the basics re. the leadership styles. We need to get out of our ivory tower (excellent album from Chilly Gonzales, btw) to touch down with the field. Do you remember : you don’t manage human resources. You lead people, like you and me. Yes, you do.

I read this morning an interesting analysis from HBR about the Best CEO’s of the World. 2 days ago, I was telling you my thoughts about the Best 100 US companies.  And it’s quite weird (ho, really?) but only one of the best companies has a top ranked CEO. Google (# 4 best company) is led by a Best CEO, Eric Schmidt (#9).  Good achievement for a company that offer all what employees have ever dreamed about.

You won’t be surprised to know that the King of the Best of the best  is Steve. Yes… of course, Steve from Apple.  You might be surprised to read that the silver medal goes to Yun Jong-Yong. Yes, Yun from Samsung. And the 3rd is Alexey Miller from Gazprom. Hugh Grant is #10, leading Monsanto. But I’m not sure we’re talinkg about Liz’ ex-boyfriend.

To summarize : N°1 : US. N°2 : South-Korea. N°3 : Russia. I hope these 3 will never have an argument together 😉 And, in the top 10, 5 out of 5 are busy with information technology. The revenge of the geeks.

Anyway, my own preferred bosses are those who gave/give me freedom, who considere(d) me as an adult and who make/made me feel considered. Guibert del Marmol (ex-DBAssociates) and Frank van Massenhove (FPS Social Security) are from these guys you really want to work with and for.

They inspired me 4 very KISS leadership principles that I consider as the pillar of an inspiring leadership :

– “Don’t manage.  Love”.  If you treat your colleagues, your employees as you treat your kids, your friends, you will quickly notice a very positive impact on the quality of your professional life. Respect, trust, equity. Believe me, it’s really nice to work in such an environment.

– “Don’t complain. Innovate”. Never tolerate that a problem or an issue comes 3 times on the agenda of a meeting without being solved. Either the issue is a matter of fact and then… stop complaining, accept the reality. Or the issue can be solved. Then delegate the problem solving process. Who knows better than the one who’s concerned what has to be done? As a leader, facilitate the access to the resources that will make the issue solved.

– “Don’t think. Think green”. Think sustainability whenever you take a decision. Think cradle-to-cradle. Think corporate social responsibility. Think glocal (global and local). Think good enough. Think future.

– “Don’t work. Have fun”. How long can you work without fun? Without laughing even once during the working day? I can’t. Make the boring stuffs funny (I use to sign my 100 daily files, listening to my iTouch and dancing). Forget employment and start emplAyment. Just have a try. L’essayer, c’est l’adopter.

So, love, innovate, think green and have fun. And spread happiness around you!

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