I’m chief Happiness Officer. My employees’ happiness is my business.

Chief Happiness Officer.
What? Chief Happiness Officer? Uh?
My job title seems to create some echoes within my LinkedIn connections. Is it another crazy idea? Is it a marketing buzz?
Nope. It’s my daily business.

Managing people is much broader than “pay and administration”. From individual development to performance management, from building values to monitoring KPI’s, from communicating on social media to building trust in my relationships with union reps, the scope the “HR” job is everything but a spreadsheet monkey’s one.
This is why I’m not Director of Administrative Affairs.

We are people. We are not resources. We like to be treated as a person and this is absolutely legitimate. Signing an employment agreement with an employer doesn’t mean : “throw your brain and your heart into the trash can. These are useless here”. We are people with thoughts, feelings and talents. We have up and downs but most of the time, we are motivated people if we find the right opportunities to deliver results with our talents and capabilities.
This is why I’m not Human Resources Manager.

We are a team. We are not a human capital. We are not, together, the sum of each individual human resources. We can’t, as person or as a group of persons, be considered like a capital that has to deliver a double digit return ever quarter.
This is why I’m not a Human Capital Director.

Happier people are performing better. They are healthier. They are less stressed. They are more creative. They dare more. They connect to more people. They enjoy to be considered as people and behave with respect towards other. They spread their happiness around them. They shine.

Giving freedom to people, considering them as adults, allowing people to work in team, asking people and the team to be accountable of their choices, trusting people and being.

As “boss”, behaving like a resource to the team, to provide guidance, to give support, to listen and help. Putting the team first. Being “egoless”.

All these small, easy steps improve the performance and the profitability of the organization. And makes happier colleagues.
Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance.
This is why I’m Chief Happiness Officer.

My job is about building strong and shared values, about encouraging trust and developing wise leaders, about monitoring results and not time neither presence. My job is to create the conditions within the organization making people happier and more productive.

If my colleagues are happier (and thus more productive), our customers/citizens are happier (and then come back to us).
If we deliver a better service or if we produce more, we improve the Key Performance Indicators. We have then happier shareholders / stakeholders.
This is why I’m happy to be Chief Happiness Officer.

8 thoughts on “I’m chief Happiness Officer. My employees’ happiness is my business.

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  3. That´s the best article I´ve ever read on HR topic… hope that starting with 2013 we´ll find lots of CHO´s even in Germany… and not only theoretically 🙂

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