Mood of the day – All you need is love (The Beatles)

Ok, ok. Wet wet wet sang it very well also. “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Love is all around me and so the feeling grows”. We are on February 14th and for sure everybody on this planet wants to share with you their warmest feelings of happiness, joy and true love. Everybody? Not sure. At least, today, I had some very performing energy suckers who ruined my day. And they did it perfectly. So how to react with professionalism (even more when you’re a top executive working in a dynamic office)?

Calm down, cool, zen.
First of all, take a deep deep deep breath. Stay cool in front of adversity. Yep, I know. Easy to say. This is the whole difference between practice and theory. Anyway, once you are calmed down you are able to think. Looking angry in front of your troops can also ruin their day and you cannot afford such behaviour if you want to remain credible and reliable. If necessary, go outside to take some fresh air. Put your headphones and Sia’s “breathe me”. Go to the restroom to scream. If you’re lucky and you have a gym into your office, head up and smash the punching ball. Drop a line on Facebook so you can ask for a little help from your friends. Do something. Do anything until you feel under control.

Connect your neurons.
Then think. Are these energy suckers acting really against YOU. I mean, you personnally? If so, well… set up an action plan to eliminate the issues. It’s a matter of life or death. Don’t let the problem come more than 3 times on your plate in order to avoid any feeling of being disgusted. More and more disheartened. Forever.
And if you cannot do anything against what’s deeply hurting your harmony, change something in YOU. Change your environment. Change your way of life. Change, change, change.

Conclusion of my day

I took 227 deep breaths. I listened 132 times to Sia. I left the office really early today to avoid any bad decisions. I finally found some comfort in my friends’posts and texts. I found relaxation in cooking pancakes. I found smile watching this:  

Yes, it’s Valentine day. What would be the world without love? All we need is love.

 Happy Valentine day to all of you.

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